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To be the seafood industry’s leading agent of change, making a real positive difference to our consumers, our customers and the way the category is managed.

SeaBlue creates cherishable moments through deliciously exotic seafood.

Its range of canned tuna, clam and shrimps offers meals that are nutritious, easy-to-make and memorable.   So should you choose to seal love in a lunch box, or share it at the dinner table, you can always know you’re giving your family the best.

Sea Blue canned tuna saves you time. It comes precooked, boneless and skinless. You can find it either in olive oil, brine, or a sauce of your choosing and can be in the form of loin, chunks, flakes or shreds.

The food is prepared by experts whose tuna is enjoyed all over the world and goes through the relevant process to make sure it is safe and lives up to standard.



Loin: fish

packaged as large pieces, this allows you to be fully creative with the knife on your own and cut it to shapes and pieces of your liking.


: flake is the leftover pieces far much looser than chunks. They are still solid yet require less chewing and less breaking down.


chunks are broken down pieces of the fish loin. These allow you to work quickly as they are readily cut, and are of sizes you can use in various recipes.


shredded tuna is convenient for salads or sandwich toppings. It oozes with flavour and spreads it throughout the dish.


Tuna packed in a can is fully cooked and canned with lightly salted water, olive oil or vegetable oil. They are always ready-to-eat.

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